How to import tickers from your Bloomberg portfolio

There are several different ways to export a list of tickers in a Portfolio from Bloomberg Terminal. One option is exporting through the PRTU command which is the Portfolio Administration screen.

Note: If you have another method to export your list of tickers, you can do that as long as it exports to Microsoft Excel.

Once Microsoft Excel is open with a list of tickers, you will also see excess data that is not needed. All information in cells above the list of tickers needs to be removed to be imported into the Insights Platform (Figure 1):

Figure 1 Excess data

Delete this excess data and then above the list of tickers in cell A1 type the word Ticker (Figure 2):

Figure 2 Ticker

This will allow the Insights Platform to recognize the list of tickers and display them in your portfolio. When you're ready to import, select Create Watchlist (Figure 3):

Figure 3 Create Watchlist

You can choose to create a new Watchlist or add to an existing Watchlist (Figure 4):

Figure 4 Import options