Creating a Watchlist

To search for tickers or import a portfolio from Bloomberg or Excel, you will need to create a watchlist. Select the option that corresponds to how you want to proceed (Figure 1):

Figure 1 Watchlist options

For this article, we will focus on creating a watchlist and searching for tickers. After selecting the option to search for tickers you will be able to provide a Name for your watchlist (Figure 2):

Figure 2 Name

Once the watchlist is created, it will appear in your Profile (Figure 3):

Figure 3 New Watchlist

To search for a ticker, you can either enter the company name or company ticker. As you type, you will begin to see a more refined list of companies that become relative to what you are typing in the search box (Figure 4):

Figure 4 Search results

Finally, as you add tickers, they will sort in order of when they were added (Figure 5):

Figure 5 Ordered tickers