Getting Key Driver and Amenity Scores from the Excel Add-in

Note: You must have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription to use the Amenity Add-in.

The Amenity Excel Add-in can retrieve information on all of the Key Drivers, Amenity Scores and provide a link to view the selected data in a transcript on the Insights Platform.

To pull Key Drivers and Amenity Scores for a specific company, enter the ticker into the Add-in Configuration window (Figure 1):


Figure 1 Ticker

Once you select Get Scores, a new sheet will automatically open in your Excel document (Figure 2):

Figure 2 New sheet

Scrolling through the results provides a link to view the specific document in the Insights Platform (Figure 3):

Figure 3 Platform Document Link

Similar to retrieving Key Drivers and the Amenity Score, to pull information for a specific company, enter the ticker into the Add-in Configuration window. A new sheet will be created with the requested events from the inputted company (Figure 4 and Figure 5):

Figure 4 Ticker

Figure 5 Ticker events

You can also scroll to receive more context on the selected event text and see the context in its full sentence (Figure 6):

Figure 6 Sentence

Note: You can select to see the text in the transcript itself on the Insights Platform.