Add a new contact from the LINE mobile app

To add a new LINE contact from the LINE mobile app:

  1. Send a connection request to the Connect Bot.
  2. In the Symphony mobile app, open a conversation with the Connect Bot and send a message.

The bot will reply with a message offering to help you add a new external contact.

  1. Enter /newcontact or select the New Contact button.

The New Contact form will then open.

  1. Select LINE from the Connect Service dropdown menu.
  2. Fill in the fields with your contact’s information - First Name, Last Name, Company, Email and Phone Number.

  1. Select Create and the new contact will be onboarded.


  1. Use the back button to return to the main chat list and find the newly created chat with your contact.

Full details on LINE can be found in the LINE Deployment Guide.

If you require further assistance on LINE, please contact the Symphony Support team at