Organize your layout

When logged into C9 Trader Stratus, take a minute to organize your layout as desired. At the top left corner of the application, select the Edit button (Figure 1):

Figure 1 Edit


Within edit mode, you can drag and drop buttons to organize your connections and edit the label of your button layout pages. Select the Edit Page Label button to change the page name.

Figure 2 Edit page label


Drag and drop a Connection button to the button vacant location of your choice.

Figure 3 Drag and drop buttons in Edit mode


Multiple connections can be moved to new pages by selecting the buttons and then dragging and dropping to vacant location(s). If they are out of view, drag and hover over either the forwards or backwards scrollers colored green until the desired page is located, then simply drop the buttons in their new location (Figure 4):

Figure 4 Moving multiple connections

You can drag and drop your favorite connections to the Favorites panel. Connections added to the Favorites panel will remain fixed and do not scroll with pages, allowing users to always have their favorites visible.